Thursday, November 12, 2009


here i am again.
currently im sitting in my abnormal psychology class bored as a mother fuckarrrrrrr. its been raining here in RVA, and to be quite honest, i dont like it. it really bothering my knee and ruining my day for the past 2 days. lol that makes me feel like an old man, I GOT A BAROMETER IN MY FUCKING KNEE. yesterday got better becasue i went to target. initialy i was there to get the new wale cd( yes ive gone legit) and some groceries, but no, they dont have it at target. so in all of my bummed out ness i came across the most amazing thing, onsie pajamas! you would be crazy to think that i did not buy them. sure they barely fit, and are kinda tight in the junk area but they are comfortable and very warm.
obscure purchases solve every problem.

currently listening to Mirrors- Wale Feat. Bun B

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