Thursday, November 12, 2009


here i am again.
currently im sitting in my abnormal psychology class bored as a mother fuckarrrrrrr. its been raining here in RVA, and to be quite honest, i dont like it. it really bothering my knee and ruining my day for the past 2 days. lol that makes me feel like an old man, I GOT A BAROMETER IN MY FUCKING KNEE. yesterday got better becasue i went to target. initialy i was there to get the new wale cd( yes ive gone legit) and some groceries, but no, they dont have it at target. so in all of my bummed out ness i came across the most amazing thing, onsie pajamas! you would be crazy to think that i did not buy them. sure they barely fit, and are kinda tight in the junk area but they are comfortable and very warm.
obscure purchases solve every problem.

currently listening to Mirrors- Wale Feat. Bun B

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


oh hello there.
wow its been a while. ive been reading the previous posts and i notice that all of them are about being depressed or sad, lets change that.

i am really looking forward to this year, i have a feeling that big things will happen and ill see a changed me.


ladies and gentlemen, mr james taylor.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

im done

its been a while, wayyyy too long actually.
im finished with exams and classes this semester, and i feel that i have done nothing but waste my time these past couple of months. my grades suck and i feel like i am more confused about where im going in life than i ever was before. im lost right now and i don't see that changing any time soon.
tomorrow i go home. hopefully there, i'll figure myself out. ive even been contemplating going on social hiatus for the summer, meaning disconnecting from the world. gym, summer school, home; that's all it would be.
who knows? im sure you'll figure it out within the next week.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009



Thursday, March 26, 2009

hidden meaning?

hello there?
for the past 3 or 4 nights,i have been annoyed by a bird. this bird enjoys sitting in the tree that sits outside of my window and just chirps away into the night. i wanted to shoot it until i put myself in this birds shoes, or talons. what if he or she is waiting for another bird, maybe its afraid to fly at night, maybe its here to keep my from sleeping, maybe hes lost...

Saturday, March 21, 2009

i miss the glory, that is all

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


And if I was brave, I'd climb up to you on the mountain

currently listening to A Walk Through Hell - Say Anything

also papers are gay

Saturday, February 28, 2009

new look

lifes too short to be a bitch about things.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

by myself

i forgot how much i enjoyed riding my bike by myself at night. its something that i havent been able to do in a while and im super pumped that i was able to do so tonight. just something about being away from everyone and away from work and away from drama, its just great. my spot was availiable as usual and i sat there for a while.

i like to sit outside the commons at night in the courtyard. its something that ive always done just to sit and think. this is actualy the first weekend in a while were i didnt have the urge to go out and get drunk. as i sat there i was in a complete state of relaxation. i havent been able to do this in a while, cuz of all thats going on in my life,errrr actualy all the things being taken away from me.

im not gonna lie, im not looking forward to my surgery. it may be just some routine procedure that the doctor has done a million times. but my fear of hospitals makes me anxious and im really bothered by it. im trying to keep busy by doing my work and hangin with friends but there are those times where im by myself and i just feel really scared. i feel like this whole experience has just made me bitter, a bitterness thats hidden under a happy front.

trying to stay busy has worked so far, but there are still those times where im by myself and i just feel shitty. tonight is actualy the first time i have been able to sit by myself and enjoy my surroundings. but why can i not do this all the time. why do i find my self in a state of anger when the littlest things push me.

man, this sucks

Thursday, January 29, 2009

and i just wanna be...

I want to be as free as the spirits of those who left
I'm talking Malcom, Coltrane, my man Yusef
Through death through conception
New breath and resurrection
For moms, new steps in her direction
In the right way
Told inside is where the fight lay
And everything a nigga do may not be what he might say
Chicago nights stay, stay on the mind
But I write many lives and lay on these lines
Wave the signs of the times
Many say the grind's on the mind
Shorties blunted-eyed and everyone wanna rhyme
Bush pushing lies, killers immortalized
We got arms but won't reach for the skies
Waiting for the Lord to rise
I look into my daughter's eyes
And realize that I'm gonna learn through her
The Messiah, might even return through her
If I'm gonna do it, I gotta change the world through her
Furs and a Benz, gramps wantin 'em
Demons and old friends, pops they hauntin' him
The chosen one from the land of the frozen sun
When drunk nights get remembered more than sober ones
Walk like warriors, we were never told to run
Explored the world to return to where my soul begun
Never looking back or too far in front of me
The present is a gift
and I just wanna BE